Case study

Real Estate Partner, US Law Firm

Our client, through internal sources, had identified a real estate partner that they wanted to hire. Due to the fact that the prospective recruit was coming from a well-established real estate practice in a UK headquartered firm, our client wanted to learn more about the individual and specifically how they might adapt to a smaller office, fewer real estate colleagues and the portability of their business.

By talking to ex-colleagues, and our extensive contacts within the real estate sector, we were able to ascertain that the individual was well known in her own right, popular in the sector and clients instructed her because they rated her, more than for the firm she was at. Our discussions also painted a picture of an individual who built relationships easily, was collegiate by nature and confident without being arrogant.

There was little doubt from our referencing that the potential lateral hire was strong in all areas and also, probably, more than able to move from a larger environment to a smaller one. Our client was encouraged by these findings and went ahead with the recruitment.